Welcome to the Geekspeak Network Blog!

We here at Geekspeak Industries toil day and night (well…not so much lately) to bring you the very finest in nerd-oriented podcast programming. However, each podcast is finite. Even if you listen to all the podcasts we put out we’re only taking up, what, three to five hours of your week? That’s unacceptable. We can do better.

We will do better.

So we’re introducing the Geekspeak Network Blog. This fine piece of electronic engineering will bring you news, insight, recurring columns, and lots of other good stuff from the folks that contribute to your favorite Geekspeak Network shows. You’ll find out about new episodes of your favorite shows, as well, and be able to interact with your favorite contributors in the comments section.

We’re still tweaking some stuff – the format is not final, and we’re trying to get everything the way we like it. Still, feel free to bookmark this blog, or subscribe to it, or whatever the hell it is you kids do these days. We’re not going to judge. We’re just here to podcast. And now we’re here to blog too, I guess.

Whatever. Here’s a very obedient beagle to hold you over:




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