Wake Up Already Damn It, 3-21-11

Time to wipe the gunk out of your eyes and stagger towards the coffee maker/whiskey bottle to start another day. And while you’re doing that, here’s some stuff that’s going on:

Image courtesy dailynewsengine.com

– Some enterprising folks in Japan have used the augmented reality feature of the 3DS to make a Mii that is about 59 feet tall. The video is definitely worth checking out. In a related note, I got the chance to spend some hands-on time with the local Best Buy’s 3DS demo unit – because Geekspeak has that kind of pull – and I really enjoyed the experience. The 3D works surprisingly well and the simulation of depth is very effective. The demo unit was only running Pilotwings Resort, but the game was a pretty solid choice to show off the handheld’s capabilities, as the depth of field made it easier to gauge distance between targets in relative space. The analog thumb slider is way better than the one on the PSP, and very responsive. If you get the chance, go check it out – it’s really something you have to see to appreciate.

Researchers have found a way to take control of your car’s systems through hacked MP3 files. Not a new story, but it’s fascinating/scary and I was meaning to talk about it on the show but that’s been a challenge lately.

Your obligatory Batman casting news that you’ve probably already heard. Expect sales of The Long Halloween TPB to jump up accordingly – it’s #10 in graphic novel sales on Amazon with only 11 copies left in stock (no such warning existed yesterday). If you want it, I’d pick it up now…or just wait for it to be restocked.

– I didn’t know chess-boxing was a thing, but I’m glad it exists.

Way to prove the stereotype, nerds.

– If you’re still looking for a way to contribute to disaster relief efforts in Japan, Geekspeak’s own Steve Watts has some ideas. Not all of these are still active but several of them are.


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