the state of the union

You’ve probably noticed lately that there hasn’t been a new Geekspeak in a while. There are reasons for that – namely, that I am busy as all get out. As I’ve alluded to on the show, I am currently working on a Ph.D., which is taking up about 98% of my time. That means that most weeks, I have about five other things that require my urgent attention that quite frankly trump making a podcast. We’ve been putting out Re-Play Radio pretty regularly, but honestly part of that is because Steve Watts does most of the work in assembling it (it’s in his contract, right under the part where I have right of first refusal on most of his organs – sorry you didn’t find out sooner, Steve).

But I don’t want you to think Geekspeak is dead. It isn’t. It’s hibernating. We haven’t had a prolonged break on the show for a while – even when I moved across time zones, the show was only put off for a couple of weeks. To be frank, this vacation has been the only way I’ve been able to keep my own house in order. But I know it’s not good for the listeners and it’s not good for us. I’m sure many of you have deleted Geekspeak from your feed list since we never update. I hope that isn’t the case for everyone, but I’m not surprised if several people have decided to leave us out.

The good news is that new episodes of the show will be incoming. I have some ideas that I am about to send out to the cast at large. They are good ideas, I think. Ideas that will set the show apart. One of my biggest problems has always been that there are too many shows named Geekspeak, which confuses the market (we were there first, damn it). To that end, there will likely be a name change, though recently I have felt that the Geekspeak name has been too useful to abandon entirely. We will also likely be switching to a more extemporaneous format in which we will have a structure to the show and stories to discuss, but there will be less scripting. I really enjoyed making that last new episode and I think that will be the show’s model from now on. It saves me a lot of work as well.

When will you be able to expect the new breed of Geekspeak? Right now I am shooting for a mid-April to early May launch. Until then, I’m interested to hear what suggestions you might have for us to take into account as we start to restart this thing. Fire away in the comments below, and thanks for your patience.


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