and now, a few words on misogyny in gaming

Friends, we all know when it comes to video games, I have very little to say except quiet, bitter ranting about how I never got a GameBoy for Christmas and my sister got two. However, sometimes I read or hear about a thing and feel the need to get a little feisty on it. Such is the case with the No Girls Allowed Battlefield 3 LAN party in Austin.

Now, plenty of people have commented on this already, and I suppose my two cents as a non-gamer seems moot. AND YET! I know all of the Geekspeak fellas to be kind, gentlemanly folks who actually cuss a lot less than I do (I’m sorry, Grandma). Why a small minority of douches – who feel like they NEED to get all Insulty McRapepants playing VIDEO GAMES – would outweigh the company of ladies who also just want to play the game is beyond me. This is obviously something that goes far beyond geek culture, but should we as geeks embrace these asshats, just because it’s easier than policing them? I don’t think so.

Leslie Kinzel is a much better writer than me. She’s also pretty funny and I almost always agree with what she has to say. You can read her take on this here.


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