Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 7: The Harsh, Fluorescent Lights of McDonald’s

This week on Geekspeak, Bryan, Brad, Lindsey, and Justin chat about robotic fish in the latest update from the Robocalypse, truly baffling turns of current events in Archie Comics, and dip our toes into the dangerous world of celebrity Twitter feuds by commenting on the war of words between professional wrestler CM Punk and professional doucher Chris Brown and what that feud means to the world at large. Go ahead and listen, or the fish have already won.


1 Response to “Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 7: The Harsh, Fluorescent Lights of McDonald’s”

  1. 1 Jared Miller
    February 28, 2012 at 7:24 pm

    I wanted to weigh in on the 3rd story of the show. Other than seconding almost all of the opinions cast and the entire conceit of those opinions, I also had 3 specific responses:
    1) The ‘violence begets violence’ angle – I think at this point in his life, Chris Brown may not be capable of learning a lesson like this in another way. He doesn’t seem to me to be mature enough to understand reason, mutual respect, and compassion.
    2) WWE’s slut-shaming storyline – For a lot of people, when it comes to some sensitive subjects, including abuse, rape, domestic violence, racism, etc., no matter how heinous they may be, there can be a blind-spot to where the line of tastefulness is, and even the existence of a line. Because they have never seen it up close or personally, some people just don’t realize that what they are saying, writing, creating, etc. might be considered reprehensible or insensitive. It’s not an excuse for what they do or say, but I think does answer a question like ‘How could they think that was OK?’
    3) CM Punk’s video response – I was listening to another podcast One of the hosts is a very independently-minded, strong woman. When she heard the video that CM Punk released, she said that the feelings she formed in her body from his comments were far from virtuous. She basically threw it out there that CM Punk was welcome to come to her for the fulfillment of any desires he wanted. I shared that one mostly for comic relief.

    Those are just my thoughts.

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