THIS BUSINESS Episode 1: Wrestlemania, Girlfriends, and Florida


Welcome to the newest Geekspeak Network podcast, THIS BUSINESS, where co-hosts Frank Wisswell and Brad Canze discuss America’s favorite psuedo-sport, professional wrestling. In its original college-radio format, pro wrestling was a big part of Geekspeak, and it has now found a digital home on the Geekspeak Network.

In this episode, Brad and Frank make their predictions for Wrestlemania XXVIII, discuss the future of Daniel Bryan and A.J. Lee — WWE’s second-hottest power couple behind Johnny Ace and David Otunga — and the recent rumors and shadowy clues regarding the future of Florida Championship Wrestling and WWE’s developmental program. Download, rate, comment and feel free to tell us how wrong we are and that we’re jerks on Twitter at @bradcandoit and @franktweets.


-Songs used:

            -Piecemeal Intro That WILL be replaced by real music eventually:

                        -”Business Time” by Flight Of The Conchords

                        -”Takin’ Care Of Business” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive

                        -”Serious Business” by John Mellencamp

                        -Spoken word by Triple H


                        -”Florida,” Modest Mouse

-Brad accidentally says “Kane vs. Cena” when he meant “Kane vs. Orton” once. Get over it.

-This was recorded before this week’s Raw. Neither of us even fathomed bringing in Booker T as Team Teddy’s sixth man. The General Manager 12-Man Tag Match now stands as:

            -Team Johnny:

                        -David Otunga

-Mark Henry

                        -Dolph Ziggler

                        -Jack Swagger

                        -The Miz

                        -Drew McIntyre (replacing an injured Christian)

            -Team Teddy:

                        -Santino Marella


                        -Kofi Kingston

                        -Zack Ryder

                        -The Great Khali

                        -Booker T

-Brad refers to the Downton Abbey character Lord Grantham as “Lord Downton.” Get over it.

-Brad says Gorilla Monsoon got a master’s degree from Central Michigan University when it was actually the extremely hairy George “The Animal” Steele who got a master’s from CMU. Brad messes up a lot. Get over it.

-We mention both http://botchamania.com and Brandon Stroud, who writes about wrestling at http://withleather.uproxx.com. You should check out both of those things if you have not.



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