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Oooh, Bridesmaids outtakes!

Have you seen Bridesmaids? No? WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? It’s so funny. I mean, hello, Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph, duh, but Clementine Johnson! And Erin from the Office! And Handsome  Jon Hamm! And Melissa McCarthy, aka Suki, my very favorite from the Gilmore Girls (who totally steals the show and I cannot wait until they finish the romcom they’re working on for her)!

So, if you haven’t seen the movie, go see it. It’s hilarious and heartwarming and filthy as all hell (all selling points for me, fyi). If you have seen it, you obviously want more. Here’s some disgusting outtakes. Enjoy.

Kids! If you aren’t 18, look away and put on your earmuffs!


the hits just keep on coming

Remember how Jimmy Wong just got the first slot on the Geekspeak Heroes List?

He might have just earned another one with this video, where he tackles an old standard with aplomb:

You can check out that and lots of other great stuff on Mr. Wong’s YouTube channel.

Yes, we’re going to be looking into getting him on the show when it starts back up.


the geekspeak heroes list: Jimmy Wong

So now you’ve probably seen the video blog that UCLA undergrad Alexandra Wallace put up complaining about “Asians in the library”, calling their family members to make sure everything was OK after the terrible devastation in Japan. The video went viral, a nation wept for its future, and poli sci majors everywhere wondered exactly what kind of politics this girl was studying.

The video is here, if you want to watch it, but be warned – it’s hard to get through without some sort of hard liquor.

Since then, Wallace has been roundly criticized for her actions, been the subject of numerous editorials, issued apologies, and has decided not to attend UCLA anymore citing “death threats”. We here at Geekspeak do not condone the use of death threats, even if the person being targeted is really, really stupid. We’re much more “peace and understanding” kinds of people.

Just like Jimmy Wong, who responded to Wallace’s baffling rant with the most disarming display of all: love.

Jimmy Wong, for your upstanding courage and character (as well as your velvety-smooth voice and roguish good looks) you are our first inductee into The GeekSpeak Heroes List. Membership in this exclusive club includes Internet recognition, warm smiles, and a 25% off discount at the International House of Pancakes, provided you already have a 25% off coupon for the International House of Pancakes. Congratulations!

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