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Iron Man 3: Not The Movie You Think It Is (Spoilers Ahoy!)

So I saw Iron Man 3 today and without giving much away it’s really good. I have some issues with it but by and large they avoid the third movie curse by making a story that’s a lot more personal, a lot more character-focused, and quite frankly dark in a way that Chris Nolan only tried to be. It’s a nice comedown from The Avengers, in a lot of ways, and even though it doesn’t directly set up any additional movies it’s a nice way to kick off Phase 2 of Marvel’s can’t-believe-that-actually-worked experiment.

But there’s a lot more to this movie, and as I was watching I was struck by how subversive it was, and how its racial politics are strangely refreshing. By no means is this a really organized or particularly well-researched commentary, just some things I thought about.

It should be noted that everything past the jump comes with a huge, metaphorically-blinking SPOILER tag.

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Geekspeak Supplemental #16: We’ll Damn Sure Avenge It

This week, long-time friend of Geekspeak Brian Swafford stops by to chat with Bryan about Marvel’s superhero magnum opus The Avengers, which Bryan already reviewed for some Web site if you want to read that while you listen. Find out if this movie was worth the time, money, and…you know what? No pretense. We basically spend 90 minutes  talking about how awesome it was and why it was so awesome. So if you like talking about awesome things, you’ll like this. But make sure you only listen AFTER you’ve seen the movie because SPOILERS ARE PLENTIFUL AND WE BASICALLY RUIN MOST OF THE MOVIE. With that caveat out of the way, hear two guys take an overly academic approach to a movie about dudes in tights by clicking here.


Wizard people, dear listeners!

I think, once upon a time, the Huffington Post supposed itself to be legitimate news only. Now it has clips from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2: This Time, It’s Horcruxy. (There is the same annoying commercial in front of all of them. Blerg.)

You’ve probably seen those all already though, because you’re much savvier at the internet than I am. So why don’t I share with you some of my favorite internet-y Potter Thangs?

A Very Potter Musical is a parody by a bunch of University of Michigan students, including that handsome Darren Criss, before he was winning my heart by doing Katy Perry better than Katy Perry (and inspiring a tiny child to take it up another level).

Potter Puppet Pals makes me giggle every time. Also, you know how much I love swears and boyish attitude.

Wizard People, Dear Reader is my favorite interpretation of any movie ever. You can watch the whole kit’n’kaboodle here (embedding was tragically not allowed).

And for the ladies, and ten percent of dudes: Can we talk about how dreamy the actor who plays Neville turned out to be?

Image via

Like, so, so dreamy.

The countdown is on, muggles!


Oooh, Bridesmaids outtakes!

Have you seen Bridesmaids? No? WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? It’s so funny. I mean, hello, Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph, duh, but Clementine Johnson! And Erin from the Office! And Handsome  Jon Hamm! And Melissa McCarthy, aka Suki, my very favorite from the Gilmore Girls (who totally steals the show and I cannot wait until they finish the romcom they’re working on for her)!

So, if you haven’t seen the movie, go see it. It’s hilarious and heartwarming and filthy as all hell (all selling points for me, fyi). If you have seen it, you obviously want more. Here’s some disgusting outtakes. Enjoy.

Kids! If you aren’t 18, look away and put on your earmuffs!



New Muppet movie trailer!!!

That is all.


you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it #1

Now all I can think of is how bitchin’ a cover of “Maneater” these two would do.

EDIT: Friend of the show Ryan Johnson suggested this as an alternative, and I might want to hear THEIR cover more:

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