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zombie time

Twitter user @thezedword pointed out last week that we need more zombie action on GeekSpeak Tonight!* I couldn’t agree more. That’s why it’s with great pleasure that I point out that the AV Club reports that there will be more hot zombie action in season two of The Walking Dead, and they look super sweet.

Like, super sweet.

via The AV Club



And so it came to pass…

…apparently there’s a god up there watching down on us all, because David E. Kelley’s craptastic destruction of Wonder Woman has been canceled, according to reports everywhere.

Seriously, I would love to see Wonder Woman done right, and I think I’d really love it with Adrianne Palicki, aka the badass Tyra Collette. But Kelley, king of the crappy female role (even with Kathy Bates. How is that POSSIBLE?!), was not the guy to bring this thing to life.  Best that it’s gone by the wayside.

Oh yeah, and I’m posting on this blog now. I’ll be talking about whatever interests me, whatever Bryan throws my way, and I’ll answer your questions about lady problems. Ask away in the comments. It’ll be fun.


Eating Brains Isn’t Just For Zombies: Chew almost sorta runs for President of TV

Chew 4 President!

Chew runs for President.

Developing a TV show is a lot like running for president.  It’s a very regimented process.

  1. You hint that you have an idea on whether or not it will work.
  2. Write a book.
  3. Suggest you’re looking into the feasibility of an exploratory committee.
  4. Form your exploratory committee.
  5. Weeks, or sometimes months, later form your official campaign.
  6. Actually run.

The folks behind the comic Chew are currently on step 4.  Deadline is reporting that Showtime–the network behind Dexter, and, um…yeah, the other Dexter seasons–have bought the Chew TV script.  It is currently structured as a “quirky, half-hour TV [comedy].” Quirky, of course, being code for highly original, and completely unclassifiable new shows like David E. Kelly’s Harry’s Law.  We talked about step 3 on the podcast during our insanely long episode about Scott Pilgrim Volume 6.  We cheerfully described Chew as a demented Pushing Daisies, with strong hopes that the appeal of the comic wouldn’t be limited by the restraints of TV.  Well, if there is any place you can curse, kill, and eat brains in relative TV peace it is on premium cable.  This, of course, all assumes Showtime decides to support Chew in getting past step 4.


We Have Met The Enemy, And He Is David E. Kelley

We harshed a lot on the new Wonder Woman TV show in our last podcast, and especially on writer David E. Kelley, who has apparently not only never read an issue of Wonder Woman in his life but has never met an actual woman in his life either. The mere suggestion of the inanities in the script was enough to get Kelley a spot on the Geekspeak Enemies List. But there was always that dim hope that maybe the show would get canned, and we’d never have to see this…”vision” on our TV sets.

Well, looks like it will actually happen, because Entertainment Weekly has our first look at actress Adrianne Palicki in costume, and…well. Here’s the photo:


*sigh*Image Credit: Justin Lubin/NBC

Couple problems here.

1) The costume looks cheap as all get out. I know it’s a TV budget. But still. Put some effort into it. Commenters over at Slashfilm are comparing it to a Halloween costume, and they are not wrong. Does vinyl just show up better on camera?

2) The pants make sense, there’s no way the legless leotard would work. But the boots are the wrong color. It’s nitpicky, I know. But it’s further evidence that NBC and DEK just want this to be a “sexy fun time female superhero show” and don’t really care about the actual character.

3) She gets pants, but no sleeves? Huh?

4) Why, for all that is holy, is Wonder Woman wearing bright red lipstick? This boggles the mind. Wonder Woman is not the type of person who “glams up” before fighting crime, and if she did wear lipstick, it certainly wouldn’t be the shade you would wear to go out clubbing in.

Remember: Joss Whedon couldn’t get HIS version of Wonder Woman made, but David E. Kelley’s “vision” of Wonder Woman as a girly-girl cosplayer is getting a prime time slot on network television.

It’s clear from this photo that if you like Wonder Woman, you owe it to yourself to ignore this show forever and hope it gets canceled faster than The Cape.

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