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The Last of Us, Thankfully


So about The Last of Us.

I finished the game last night and I felt that I needed to write something about it. No, not about how I was mesmerized by its story, and definitely not anything about whether it’s the so-called Citizen Kane of gaming. Actually, let’s take a moment to discuss that, shall we? A big part of why Citizen Kane is so well-remembered today and used as shorthand for achievement in any medium is not only that it was a good movie that told a good story – it was and it did – but rather because it advanced its medium, introducing new narrative and technological approaches that changed the way movies operated. So if we’re going to call anything the Citizen Kane of games it’d probably be Super Mario 64 or something, but that’s a post for another time.

No, I wanted to write a post today about The Last of Us, and why I am very grateful I no longer have to play it.


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Bryan’s Best Games of 2012, Or A Shopping List For Awesome

You’ve hopefully already listened to the latest Re-Play Radio, in which Steve Watts and I discuss the best games from 2012. I think we did a great job covering the best of the best but there was one distinct problem – we had to agree on the choices, and while I love Steve Watts to death sometimes he’s not only the mayor of Wrongtown he is every single resident. Like most things in life, the show would have been better if it was just me, but that is an issue I think we have the platform to rectify right here on the Geekspeak Network blog.

What follows is, in no particular order, a list of my personal favorite games of the year. Not all of these games are the best examples of their genres or on their platforms (though some certainly are) but I spent a lot of time with them and I think they’re worthy of your time as well. So consider these your marching orders.



We talked a lot about why this game is so great on the show, but suffice to say that it is easily the most moving, nerve-wracking video game experience I have ever had in over two decades of time spent with the medium. This game will put you through the wringer, force you to make impossible choices, and make you care about virtual people more than you could possibly have ever thought you would. Yet, for all the doom and gloom and emotional apocalypses in the game, it never feels bleak or exploitative in the way the comic and television show so often do. That’s largely due to the precocious Clementine, the young girl your character Lee Everett is left in charge of as a result of happenstance – not only is she written like an actual child and not a tiny adult, her character serves as a moral barometer and inspirational figure. You’ll find yourself regretting decisions in the game because of how she reacts, or making choices solely based on what she thinks. It’s unusual that a character in a video game inspires such attachment but Clementine does, and it’s a credit to Telltale Games that they were able to implement her so well without the character becoming cloying or obvious.

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geekspeak season 15, episode 2: karaoke etiquette

Geekspeak favorite Eugene “Adam Warrock” Ahn returns to the ambivalent, awkward shores of Geekspeak and sits down with Bryan to talk about rock-paper-scissors-playing robots, Starship Troopers reboots, Valve’s Source Filmmaker software, proper karaoke procedure, HBO shows, and the pitfalls of nostalgia. Oh, and his ongoing Donation Drive. So go download it now and kick him a few bucks while you’re at it!


Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 5: “Turning The Tides”


It’s the penultimate episode of The Legend of Korra before next week’s season finale and the boys have plenty to say about what might be the biggest, most jaw-dropping episode yet. How awesome is Lin Beifong? How might Amon win even if he loses? Was Aang trying to warn Korra about something else? And is Mako The Worst? ANSWERS: So awesome, listen to the episode, listen to the episode, and yes. Download it now!


Geekspeak Season 15, Episode 1: Marmosets


Geekspeak Season 15 starts off with Bryan, Lindsey, Kathryn, and Justin crackin’ wise without disguise on topics ranging from a longer cut of The Avengers hitting theaters, an Internet User’s Bill of Rights, and robots that are learning to learn like children…plus all that stuff with The Oatmeal, reminiscery about Pepsi Points, and lots more for a jam-packed return episode. Download it here!


Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 4: “Out Of The Past”

Korra starts to get in touch with her spiritual side and Lin Beifong brings some class to the proceedings in this episode, where the boys discuss all the happenings in Episode 9, “Out of the Past”. Exactly WHY was there a secluded cabin with a metal box that can’t be opened  from inside? Exactly who or what is Amon after this week’s happenings? And is Korra/Asami the new Betty/Veronica? All of these questions and more will be answered or at least sort of goofed on in the new episode of Korra-nt Affairs! So download it here.


Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 3: “When Extremes Meet”

Another week, another Korra-nt Affairs. And this week, do we ever have some stuff to talk about regarding Episode 8, “When Extremes Meet”. Long-simmering tensions boil to the surface, some of the darker parts of the Avatar universe return to the forefront, and the whole thing basically plays like the end of Empire. Find out what our intrepid nerdlingers have to say about this episode’s revelations and what they mean for the identity of Amon, Korra’s love life, and most importantly Pabu and Naga. Download it here!

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